Why should a person join the KPPC?
The Kentucky Public Pension Coalition serves public employees and retirees of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to protect and defend their retirement benefits. In short, we work to secure your pension.

How do I get my organization to join?
As a Kentucky public employee, you can join the coalition as an individual and keep up with news and information, by clicking here. For your organization to join as one of our partners, please contact us here.

Why should a person at my age, in my position, be concerned about retirement pension?
No matter your age, the future is now. All public employees in the state of Kentucky should be concerned with the future of their pension funds, no matter if that retirement is 2 years away or 42 years away. Imagine a world where you cannot retire for fear of not having a pension. Plain and simple, retirement security is equal to job security.

What types of public employees are applicable to join the KPPC?
All public sector employees, including:
–    Teachers
–    Other school employees
–    Nurses
–    Police
–    Firefighters

What does the organization do for me?
We are the organization you need to make our collective voices heard in the Kentucky State Capitol. Year-round we work with our state senators and representatives to insure they are aware of public employee and retiree issues. We provide legislative updates throughout the year to all of our members via our website, Facebook page and Twitter stream. Please join our social communities to be promptly informed about issues regarding your Kentucky pension funds.

How long before the new laws affect my retirement? Or will the pension funds run out of money before I retire?
The current proposals to change benefits for public employees and retirees have not yet been introduced in the Legislature. So for now, they are just recommendations. Please call your legislators and tell them your story and how you depend on your retirement pension. You can leave a message for your legislator by calling the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181. If you aren’t sure who your representative or senator is please click here. Thank you for your advocacy. Spread the word to others and encourage them to contact their legislators as well on this critical issue.

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