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Lakillia B., Family Resource Youth Service Center – Paducah, KY

I’m passionate about what I do, not only because I care, but because I want to make sure every student and family in need is taken care of. And I believe it is important that we as educators are taken care of by receiving the benefits we have earned.

Wanda K., Bus Driver – Madisonville, KY

My husband Roger and I have spent our careers working for the public school system as bus drivers and I now work as a teacher’s assistant.  Our state pensions will be our sole income when we retire.  Fixing the pension system while protecting our benefits is crucial to my entire family.


Peggy H., Louisville Transportation System – Louisville, KY

I receive a pension from my years of employment with the Louisville Transportation System. I didn’t start working a full-time job until I was 40 years old.  I worked 5 1/2 years for an employer who had no pension program.  I worked 18 years for an employer that offered a pension.  If I had not had that opportunity I would be working  until I died as I had no savings to fall back on and social security would not have been enough to live on.

Doug Botkin
Doug B., School Maintenance Supervisor – Fayette Co., KY

As a 25-year classified employee of Fayette Co. Schools, pension reform is at the top of my priority list. I’ve paid my fair share and expect the benefits to be there when I retire!

Barbara D
Barbara D., Bus Driver – Fayette Co., KY

After spending a long career transporting Kentucky’s most precious cargo on my school bus, I depend on my small retirement income to make ends meet.

Shawna Mills
Shawna M., teacher – Fayette Co., KY

As a teacher I can’t depend on Social Security in retirement since we are exempted from Social Security through the General Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision. Without Social Security my state teachers retirement benefit will be my sole source of income when I leave the classroom.  All of the people in my school are committed to making a brighter future for Kentucky and we depend on the legislature to fund our retirement systems so that we can have security in our golden years.

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